Visualforce Support

JetForcer has a powerful support for Visualforce framework. Let's take a closer look at the most useful features:

Instant error detection for Visualforce

JetForcer detects all attempts to call an unreachable code in both contexts markup and expression (in other words - highlight unresolved references).

  • Highlight nonexistent built-in and custom tags.
  • Highlight nonexistent attributes.
  • Check attribute value assignment.
  • Support for Apex variables

... and perform many other useful checks.

Quick-Fixes in Visualforce

JetForcer also provides a number of quick-fixes for Visualforce, which includes a highly demanded create from usage fix. Component or component attribute, Apex class method, property and many other entities can be created just in two clicks. Just press Alt-Enter and make your choice.

Completion in Lightning

As we all know, code completion is one of the most important features in any IDE, that's why JetForcer is designed to provide incredibly helpful and intelligent completion. Auto-completion is available for:

  • Custom and built-in tags and their attributes
  • Attribute values
  • Global Variables
  • ... and for many other cases.