Log Debugger

Offline Debugger for Apex Code in JetForcer

Log Debugger from JetForcer is a new comfortable method to explore the information available in the log. Here are a few of available features:
  • Variables View - A handy way to examine the values stored in the VARIABLE_SCOPE_BEGIN and VARIABLE_ASSIGNMENT log events available in the current debug context (METHOD_ENTRY, CONSTRUCTOR_ENTRY etc.)
  • Step-By-Step Execution - Build code execution flow and walk through it with STATEMENT_EXECUTE log events and their context (METHOD_ENTRY, CONSTRUCTOR_ENTRY etc.)
  • Breakpoints - Allows to quickly jump to the desired STATEMENT_EXECUTE event by skipping all previous data.
  • Watches: - Create specific System.debug(JSON.serialize(Object)) method call for detailed exploring of an object instance in Variables View.