Salesforce DX

Salesforce DX is a new way to build Salesforce applications. It introduces a new type of environment: Scratch orgs. JetForcer has the dedicated SFDX tool window, which provides functionality for manipulating them. All the functionality available for a conventional org also available for DX orgs (including Execute Anonymous, Runnings Tests,Exploring Debug Logs etc.).

How to Create New DX Project Template

On welcome screen choose New Project Choose Salesforce DX from the available project templates. On Salesforce DX Project Wizard press Test button to be sure that SFDX CLI installed properly. If it is not installed - click on Download button and install. If installation is successfull we should see downloaded CLI version. Next step is configuring DX accounts. JetForcer provides optional ability to set Default DevHub Username and Default Username to your SFDX CLI during project creation. Press "Edit" button to the right of "Default Devhub Username"  or "Default Username" dropdown menus. Configure desired accounts on the opened DX Accounts modal dialog. JetForcer supports 3 kinds of accounts: Use different "plus" buttons for configuring different kinds of accounts. Also you can create new DevHub account if you need by pressing Sign Up button. You can review Project creation progress in Messages tool window. We created project for a Non-Tracked org, so we are able to retrieve sources from the manifest file (<project root>/manifest/package.xml). Use "Deploy <selected file>" action from Salesfroce menu or from context menu if you want to deploy some particular file (or bunch of selected files). Feel free to assign a special shortcut for this action Use SFDX tool window to manage Salesforce DX accounts, explore Source Status for sandbox or Scratch orgs, explore current configs, limits or CLI outputs for commands executed by IDE. (see SFDX toll window on the screenshot above). Use Active account widget, to switch beetween active Non-Tracked/Scratch org. It will allow you to Deploy/Retrieve with selected account by using aliases for SFDX CLI.

Checkout DX project from Git

Let's take a look on how to checkout existing dreamhouse-lwc project from GitHub. On welcome screen choose Get From VCS. After cloning project sources you should see notification with suggestion to Import DX project. Please click on Import hyperlink. After that, IDE will propose you configure the DX account for this project. Let's connect to the DevHub account and create a new Scratch org for the cloned project. After configuring accounts, IDE will finish project initialization process (creating stubs, setting default username for SFDX CLI, etc.) Use Salesforce menu to explore all actions available for created Scratch Org.