Checkout from Version Control

Check-out from VCS


Checkout from a Git Repository

There are many version control systems but the most popular is GIT. Here is example how to work in IDEA with Github.

  • Clone a git repository. Open VCS -> Checkout from Version Control -> GitHub (or choose your VCS)
  • Enter credentials and VCS url
  • When checkout are done, you will be asked to open stored code as a new project
  • If you didn't work with this code in JetForcer, you probably need to initialize a new JetForcer project from sources. How can you do it is described here

Switch Between VCS and ApexVCS

Sometime you need to push your code on Salesforce server and Git (or some another VCS) and there is the popular question - How can I switch VCS in IDEA?

  • At the first you need to be sure that you have both VCS roots in your project.Open File -> Settings -> Version Control. And your should be notified that you have at least two VCSs to register under root
  • Then you can switch current VCS with fast action in VCS -> Switch from ApexVCS to Git (or Git to ApexVCS, depends on current VCS). Or open Version Control settings window and unregister the first and register the second.