Viewing Changes in Source Code

Content: During project creation, JetForcer remembers the initial state of the created project and provides several ways to keep track of the changes that you introduce to the source code:

Tracking changes to a file in the editor

As you modify a file, JetForcer immediately highlights all changes in the editor with change markers in the left gutter opposite to the modified lines. There are several types of change markers:
  • line added (green rectangle):
  • line changed (blue rectangle):
  • line removed (gray triangle):
To manage changes right from the editor you can invoke the dedicated toolbar by clicking on the change marker. You can perform the following operations:
  • Navigate to Previous / Next Change
  • Rollback Changes
  • Show Diff
  • Copy Changes

Checking file status by color used to highlight the file name

JetForcer allows you to check the status of project files relative to their state you last synchronized from the Salesforce org. File status shows you which operations have been performed on the file. Each color used to highlight the file name represents specific file status:
Color File Status Description
Black Up to date File has not been changed relative to their state you last synchronized from the Salesforce org.
Gray Deleted File is scheduled for deletion from the Salesforce org.
Blue Modified File has been changed since the last synchronization from Salesforce org.
Green Added File is scheduled for addition to the Salesforce org.

Explore changed files with Version Control tool window

The Local Changes tab in Version Control tool window lists all files that have been modified locally and have not yet been deployed to the Salesforce org. Use this tab to explore changed files, revert or deploy (Commit...) changes, manage changelists and view differences.