Q: Is JetForcer a paid plugin? Is there a free version?

A: Starting with version 1.0 JetForcer is a paid plugin with a free 30-day trial available.

Q: What's the difference between a Personal and a Commercial License?

A: To learn about main differences see Comparison.

Q: What is the time period and version range of the license I’ll obtain on purchase?

A: The price is one-time price, it means that on purchase you’re obtaining the right to use forever the purchased version and all its minor updates.
Technically, the current license works with the version ranges [1.0.0, 1.999.999] and should cover both minor updates (like 1.2.0) as well as bug-fix updates (like 1.0.1).
We are committed to release minor updates every ~6 weeks during the next 6 months and bug-fix updates based on specific demands.
We are planning a new major release 2.0.0 in roughly 12 months, and switching to the 2.0.0 will require obtaining a new license.

Q: Can I download JetForcer as a standalone IDE?

A: At the moment, we propose our clients the following:

Our standalone build could provide just the functionality of (1) case, i.e. similar to our plugin installed into Intellij IDEA Community Edition, because our Lightning/VisualForce support is build on top of JavaScript/CSS integration from IntelliJ, which is commercial and can't be bundled with our standalone build. And that's why we've stopped preparing standalone builds of our product some time ago.

Q: For how many workplaces JetForcer can be used under single Commercial License?

A: Legal entity may use the software under Commercial License on any computer, operating system, and by any developer within a legal entity, provided that the total number of concurrent users never exceeds the number of licenses purchased by that legal entity. So basically one commercial license should be purchased per each workplace

Q: How to activate a license for the JetForcer plugin?

A: In the main menu of your IDE, please go to Help -> Register JetForcer